It can happen …. a cat or dog gets hit by a car, they are walking around sick or have just lost their way home.  However other animals can also get into serious trouble.  Swans can get caught in the tram cables, birds can fly into windows or sick seals can become stranded on the beach.  All animals in need of help have been able to count on the Animal Hospital and Ambulance Service, Den Haag. One telephone call and an ambulance will be sent to provide the necessary care for an animal and to transport it to a vet if necessary.  If the animal needs medical care, it is admitted to their own animal hospital. This is a unique service in The Netherlands; a hospital and rescue service in one. Our animal clinic and sanctuary is in a unique country estate called Oosterbeek, in Wassenaar, close to The Hague city centre.


We give help to animals in distress – whether they are trapped, wounded, sick, deserted or neglected. Our Rescue Teams react swiftly to aid all animals in distress – cats, dogs, runaway horses, even a whale washed ashore…. our teams face new challenges all the time. We help over 15,000 animals every year! Animals that need medical care are given first aid and taken to the nearest vet. If necessary, we then transfer them to our own hospital and continue the treatment there. Sometimes animals need specialized treatment that we cannot offer, so we cooperate with many organisations that can deal with these cases. We try to return the animals to their owners as soon as they are well, but, unfortunately, in 70% of the cases we cannot trace the owners, and then we try to find them new homes. Wild animals such as birds and rabbits are returned to their natural surroundings.


If any (environmental) disaster might occur, the IART is standby to render assistance, not only in the Netherlands but wherever in Europe. A team professionals, using a completely equipped trailer, boat with outboard motor, aggregates, benches, tents and all materials that might be necessary for dealing with whatever calamity (think of dumping of oil and waste materials, flood, or the firework disaster that struck Enschede a couple of years ago). The Team can leave home base within an hour to lean a helping hand wherever this is needed. Disasters not only hit human beings, they hit animals as well!


Thanks to the support of well-wishers and regular donations, the Dierenhospitaal and Ambulancedienst Den Haag is still in existence.  Since 1993 the foundation has been located on the Landgoed Oosterbeek, a side street of the Benoordenhoutseweg.   The animals are cared for in a hospital complex with cattery and kennel facilities, a veterinary clinic, a quarantine building and stables.  There are fields and paddocks for housing outdoor animals.  The foundation is still working from these same facilities, but time doesn’t stand still and neither does the growth of Den Haag.  The call-out area for the foundation has widened to include Leidschendam-Voorburg, Rijswijk, Wassenaar, Pijnacker-Nootdorp and Zoetermeer. The  animal help service is provided day and night – 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We help over 15,000 animals every year!

In many ways the work of the foundation is the same as it was 42 years ago; animals who are lost but healthy are sent to a rescue shelter.  If an animal requires medical attention, it is taken as quickly as possible to a specialised veterinarian in one of the ambulances.  Following treatment at the vets, therapy is continued in the animal hospital until the patient is completely recovered.  When they are better, the  employees can start to look for a new owner to place the animal with.  The animal ambulance doesn’t just deal with domestic animals; wild animals in distress are also rescued.  These animals are either reintroduced to their natural environment after treatment, or are sent to specialised centres such as the Lenie ’t  Hart Seal Sanctuary or Bird Rescue Centre De Wulp.  Thanks to the year-round efforts of the employees and volunteers of the animal ambulance and hospital, the average resident in the Den Haag area witnesses remarkably little animal suffering.


Dierenambulance is a private foundation, but runs very much along the lines of a commercial enterprise. Anyone can ask for our help – but in some cases we have to ask you for a small fee…. We do not have any form of subsidy, and our main support comes from the donations of our members and supporters, who have kept us going for over 40 years….


You can support us in many ways – Become an ‘Official Donor’ – all financial contributions are welcome –there is no set amount! –  Sponsor or adopt animals –  Advertise in our regular magazine – You can even grant us a legacy – make Dierenambulance one of your heirs, and this can give fiscal benefits as well! In short, there are many possibilities. If you are interested, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you all about it!


Have you seen an injured or stray animal? Call the Dierenambulance Den Haag on 070-3282828.  Are you looking for a new pet such as a cat, chicken or parakeet?  Take a look at the website dierenambulancedenhaag.nl , where you’ll find all the current residents looking for loving new homes. Here you can also find information about aid operations done by employees and volunteers to help animals in need.