15 februari 2024

Ming is slowly adapting to her new home. We did not change her name. At the beginning, she would stay hidden either in boxes around the house or under furniture and only come out during the day to eat, drink water and use her litter box. She would sleep most of the day and check the house during the night. This is when we would hear her sad meows.

After 3 days, she stopped meowing during the night completely. Instead, she started using the night time to play with some cat toys. We would find the toys in the morning scattered on the floor around the house.

She still feels uneasy around human hands, so we do not touch her with our hands directly. Instead, me and my husband play with Ming using a stick with some feathers as she seems to enjoy being petted with it. My husband was the first to notice Ming purring happily during a play session.

She is not a picky eater and enjoys wet food, dry food and treats. She even eats treats out of your open hand.

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