28 augustus 2020

Mimi has been doing great thank you. She loves physical contact and refuses to sleep without being in the same room as me.

She also spends most of the workdays sitting beside me at my home desk napping while I work and when she decides she has enough energy to go outside, she starts chasing butterflies before tuckering out. When she tuckers out, she comes back in meows at me telling me all about how she almost caught the butterfly and then falls asleep in the strangest positions.

Mimi has met part of my family, however it seems she is timid of strangers for the first two hours, but then after that she’s her normal socialable, loveable self; who enjoys the attention and all the scratches she gets.

She has plenty of places to sleep, plenty of scratch pads to scratch and plenty of toys to play with. She’s fitting in well here with me and we keep each other in good company. Please forgive the spam of pictures. I have far to many of these now that I’m always looking for opportunities to share.

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