14 januari 2020

Thanks for taking some time to ask about him. The general summary about Hamlet is that he is a sweetheart.

At the beginning, it took him a couple of days to approach me, but nothing that a good treat could not solve! He now sleeps at the feet of my bed (nice for keeping them warm) and comes for pets every morning (of course, to also let me know it’s time for breakfast). He is a very polite cat though: he waits until you wake up to come to you and ask for pets. And if I stop, he will meow and gently tap me with his little paw to let me know I should keep going!

He still gets scared easily and will run away if you move too quickly or there is a sudden noise. But we have worked out a technique of me making small noises and announcing where I’m going, so he doesn’t get surprised all of a sudden. At least for now, it seems to be working. Of course, not much could be done during New Year’s. He spent the night hiding underneath a chair and not being quite himself (it is awful we humans are so selfish to keep the noises going for days without considering what a torture it is to the rest of the animals). But other than that, he roams around the appartement like he owns the place (I don’t think he cares I am the one paying rent) and I really enjoy it.

I am very thankful you trusted me to adopt him and make him my family. He has truly changed my life for the better and it even makes it kind of enjoyable to wake up in the morning.

I attach some pictures I took of him over this month. They are not the best, but that should be blamed on my phone, not on the wonderful model.

Groetjes from me and Hamlet… XX

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