Alban (Blizzard)

16 december 2018

This little message to inform you that Alban is doing well. He is super alive and very kind, a real teddy beer… He is living in the appartement like he was born here, he plays with his toys and his tale, so funny!

He is like a clock: wants to eat in the morning around 8h, sleep in my arms around 10h. Then he totally relaxes and snores in my bed at 11h and wakes up around 7h. He still plays with his tale (on the bed) and neglects the nice scraching furniture I ordered (!). He prefers some chair (😁😬😸) well really cute.

We are very happy together… A big thank you! And some pictures of the “little” prince.

In the meantime I wish you all happy Christmas time and plenty of adoptions.

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